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Accounting Jobs – How to get started with entry-level accounting jobs

Written by Amine

Entry level accounting can be difficult to obtain as you would likely be facing the stiffest competition any job discipline has to offer. Mostly as a “junior accountant” post, you can get to work for the government, regular small and large businesses, CPAs, and sometimes non-profit organizations as well. There is an ocean of opportunity in accounting if you have the education or the experience, or if you’re lucky, both.

Step 1.

The Internet provides most of the opportunities and chances for potential employees. As you may have already discovered, there are plenty of job sites on the internet for fresh accountants. In addition to the big guns, you may also want to try small communities and forums to open up. Free no registration websites can also be part of the huge job bank available. Post your resumes on your local CPA network and you might just get your first call.

Step 2.

You need to build a very strong network for yourself. Meet people who are interested in hiring new accountants and maintain social interaction in accountant clubs and meetups. Getting to know the accounting honchos can lead you to use their references when applying for jobs. Also tell your neighbors and friends that you want to be placed in an accounting position. You might be surprised to find out what people have to offer unexpectedly. Who can say that your next door could be your first leap into your accounting career.

Step 3

Try to make your resume as professional as possible and with the right combination with a good interview you can easily bag the job. If you don’t have that many calls, you might want to double-check your resume and also brush up on your interviewing skills.

Step 4.

In the interview, be punctual and give answers to the point and try to play with the numbers whenever you get the slightest chance. Remember that there are different types of accounting jobs and you need to be sure where you want to go. If you’ve done your homework and know which accounting jobs and accounting careers will make you the most money, try not to say it too blatantly.

Step 5.

Take your accounting practice very seriously. Remember, this will not only get you into the feel of the field you are about to step into, but will also give you tremendously useful work experience. Try to network and prioritize your social network to make the most of every opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to take any opportunity that may come your way. Accounting salaries vary by job type and position. Don’t be disappointed if you start with something as small as data entry. Everything has its value and the accounting salary will increase in proportion to your expertise and experience. Keep all this in mind and apply wherever you see yourself.

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