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Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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Having an experienced and knowledgeable Canadian immigration attorney is essential when dealing with Canadian authorities, whether the client is inside or outside of Canada. Knowledge of the latest developments in Canadian immigration laws, rules, policies and procedures for processing various immigrant visa applications, work permits and study permits is absolutely essential in order for an effective Canadian immigration attorney to represent clients with successful outcomes. Likewise, when clients face enforcement proceedings such as detention reviews, admissibility hearings, or appeals before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or in Canadian federal courts, experienced attorneys’ advocacy skills facilitate successful presentation and argument.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer Representative:

– Technicians and business people who wish to immigrate to Canada and make a positive contribution to Canada;
– family members who wish to immigrate to Canada to be with loved ones;
– Individuals in need of corporate transfer immigration assistance;
– Individuals in Canada who wish to change or regularize their immigration status;
– Individuals who may be brought before immigration or deportation proceedings in Canada.

An experienced attorney can prepare and present to Canadian officials an impressive package that highlights the client’s most positive qualities and is well prepared for the client’s interview at a Canadian visa office or Canadian immigration, or where the representative may face law enforcement in Canada program client.

Skilled workers, Canadian experience, provincial nomination projects, business

If a client is eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada under one of these programs, an experienced Canadian immigration attorney will prepare an application packet that best positions the client’s qualifications and personal circumstances for consideration by Canadian officials.

Canadian permanent residence applications are processed by visa officers at Canadian consulates or embassies around the world. For experienced lawyers, staying up-to-date with the latest applicable statutes, rules and guidance is only part of the job, as decision makers also exercise discretion. The attorney’s experience in preparing and filing such applications and dealing with a variety of Canadian immigration and visa officials ensures high-quality representation throughout the application process.

Visit Canada on a visitor visa, study visa or work visa

If a client applies to visit, study or work in Canada (temporary residence), a Canadian immigration attorney will assess the client’s situation, determine the most suitable program, and prepare a complete application for consideration by Canadian officials.

Canadian temporary residence applications are usually considered by visa officers at Canadian consulates or embassies around the world. In some cases, the application may be filed within Canada. While the decisions of visa and immigration officers are governed by statutes, rules and guidelines, there are sections that allow decision makers to exercise discretion. With attorneys’ experience in such cases, clients receive knowledgeable, quality representation throughout the application process.

Sponsorship, Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, Criminal Rehabilitation

If the client is already in Canada, a Canadian immigration attorney will review the circumstances and determine whether the client is eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada through one of these applications.

These discretionary applications are considered by immigration officers at the Canadian Immigration Centre. While thorough familiarity with applicable statutes, rules, and guidelines is important, an experienced attorney will be able to address the circumstances of a client’s specific individual situation. Experience in dealing with various immigration officials in such cases provides clients with effective representation throughout the application process.

Detention, Admissibility and Appellate Tribunal Hearings, Applications to the Federal Court of Canada

If a client is facing one of these immigration procedures, an experienced Canadian immigration attorney can provide the client with effective representation in arguing the case at a review, hearing or appeal.

The key factors for an attorney to successfully defend a client in court or immigration court are preparation, knowledge and experience. A Canadian immigration attorney who fully understands the facts of a client’s case, relevant legislative provisions, and judicial decisions is critical to successfully preparing a client for a hearing or appeal.

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