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All about online freelance writing

Written by Amine

Freelance writing online is a very convenient income generation option for both professional and novice writers. Dealing with writer’s block for one is easier because online freelance writing offers everyone the flexibility to write at their own pace and time.

However, finding trustworthy online freelance writing can be quite tricky as there are scams. To make sure you’re looking in the right places, you should consider the following tips:

1. Apply for memberships in writing forums and online clubs. Not only will you get helpful writing tips from fellow writers, but you’ll also get important writing information. This is because some forums and websites post ads looking for fellow writers. Plus, projects are more likely to be credible because you’re dealing with fellow writers. Creating a network of writers will also prove beneficial in the future.

2. Check out popular online freelance writing sites. Google searches for essential keywords such as “online writing”, “online freelance writing” and “writing jobs” usually bring up the most popular ones. These sites are usually dedicated to posting advertisements for numerous online writing jobs and in addition provide lots of writing related resources. However, keep in mind that a review must be done before projects are accepted. In addition, some sites also allow you to post your original articles for which you will be paid every time they sell. These sites are also ideal for building your portfolio. A portfolio is important to potential employers when looking for writers.

3. Look at job bank websites. Some banks and job search websites post jobs for online freelance writing and other writing. Since the competition for online freelance writing can be quite stiff due to its growing popularity, it is wise to bookmark them. Check them often as jobs can come and go in a flash. Applying early will give you an advantage. Make sure you always have your resume and writing portfolio handy.

4. Subscribe to e-magazines. To get an idea of ​​e-journals, look them up online. Some e-magazines are free to subscribe to, if not, only for a minimal fee. Like some of the resources above, ezines offer excellent tips and resources for writers about online freelance writing. In addition, they have regular job postings for writers. Sometimes subscriptions to e-journals are paid. And even if the posts don’t get paid, your efforts aren’t lost because your posts will be part of your portfolio that potential employers looking for freelance writers online can access.

Remember that the Internet can be quite a “jungle”. If you don’t know where to look and where to go, you can easily get lost. Be persistent and patient. There is definitely online freelance writing for you.

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