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Can members of the US military drive for Uber?

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For members of the military, survival in today’s world is still a challenge. However, being in the military limits most part-timers because their commitment prevents them from working for themselves for more than a short time. However, for those in the military who have their own qualifying vehicle or rent a TLC car, Uber provides an opportunity to earn extra money on their own time.

How does it work

If you’re part of the US military, you’re used to being moved around the country, if not the world, on a regular basis. However, for those who have their own vehicle that qualifies for Uber, or can rent a TLC car for Uber, you have the option of working off hours, such as a few days a month, to earn some extra driving money. Uber.

However, many of the soldiers may not have some basic requirements to work for Uber. Specifically, Uber requires you to have a state driver’s license as well as state insurance for your vehicle or the vehicle you use.

So the question is, does Uber make exceptions for military personnel?

The answer is no.

Uber doesn’t make exceptions for military personnel, although if you’re in the military, you can drive for Uber provided you meet all the requirements. You will need to ask your commanding officer and fill out any paperwork required by the military to drive for Uber.

For most members of the military, especially those with long-term assignments in one location, this should not be a problem. The only exception would be those who are currently enrolled Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) meaning the military will prevent you from doing outside work, even a single ride for Uber. However, you should always check with your commanding officer or read the rules and regulations to find out what you can and cannot do while in the military.


Since all military members must meet Uber’s requirements, which include having a state driver’s license along with state insurance, the correct eligible vehicle, and any other requirements set forth by Uber, as long as you meet all standards, you can drive. for the ridesharing company.

Keep in mind that there is one exception to having an in-state driver’s license if you are located in a city that borders another state, such as New York City. This means you can drive across state lines and still qualify for Uber. Otherwise, you must meet all the requirements for Uber and Lyft as if you were not a member of the military.

If you don’t qualify for Uber, there are still other on-demand jobs that are well-suited for members of the military, whether you drive your own vehicle or rent a car TLCsuch as delivering packages or groceries depending on the business you choose.

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