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How to publish your resume

Written by Amine

Anything helps in the job search, especially in an economy where it’s tight and jobs are hard to come by. Therefore, job seekers should put all the advantages on their side. Posting your resume online is a very good way to promote yourself and your skills. A company looking for the right individual might just come across it and contact you.

However, putting your personal information on the Internet puts you at risk for spam, identity theft, and more. Knowing the right way to post your resume will help you increase your visibility; reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime and limit the amount of spam you have to deal with.

1. Remove all contact information from your resume, except for the email address you created specifically for this purpose before posting it. This will help protect your privacy. Make sure you check this email regularly so you don’t miss any good opportunities. Make sure the email service has anti-spam functionality.

2. Make sure your resume is short and to the point. Be truthful and make sure your resume is free of typos, grammar and spelling errors. It must be engaging and easy to read. Many sites require you to include a title in your resume. Make sure it’s catchy and memorable.

3. Choose the website to post your resume wisely. Make sure it’s not open to the public for free. Companies should pay a fee to browse there resumes. Accessing resumes through a paid membership only reduces the risk of fake leads, spam and other abuse.

4. Choose online services that allow you to create and store multiple copies of your resume on their site. Most services also include a job bank as part of their site, and by having your resumes already stored on the site, it will be much easier and faster for you to apply for jobs advertised there.

5. Choose continue sending services which allows you to post your resume on multiple job boards at the same time without additional fees. This increases the chance that your resume will be found by someone looking for job candidates.

6. When you’ve chosen where to post your CV, you can either copy and paste it to the site or upload it, depending on the site’s requirements.

Taking the time to post your resume online will be beneficial in the long run for a variety of reasons. Open the door to opportunities by giving potential employers access to your resume. Since many jobs are never posted, countless companies looking to recruit check resume databases to find potential candidates. Additionally, companies that provide this service often have additional information available to use, such as resume writing tips. The online storage they provide is also very beneficial.

Post your resume online today and see what good can happen to you and your job search.

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