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Quick and easy processing of Canadian work visas: by applicant or employer

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Statistics on the number of reported foreign nationals immigrating to Canada report hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals each year. There are various reasons for moving to Canada: financial; family sponsorship; students or tourists; refugees or those who have lost their citizenship but have the opportunity to regain it as long as they return and live in Canada.

Almost every immigrant and immigrating foreigner to Canada wishes to have permanent residency upon arrival in Canada. The purpose of applicants in processing their requirements is to obtain a Canadian work visa. Such visas allow would-be immigrant workers to stay in Canada and potentially obtain the citizenship that every immigrant covets.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a Canadian work visa is through the skilled worker visa category. This does not require the employer to offer employment or the many processes that applicants need to go through before an application is accepted. Just meet these basic requirements:

At least one year of paid work experience. Proof of employment is also required during the application process.

Adequate placement funds to support the family and any dependents while waiting for work to begin.

67, which is the passing mark on the assessment test. Assessment tests are required so that the government is satisfied that the applicant has a basic understanding of the new country he will be entering; about its history and policies, political and social aspects, rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.

Know enough of the official language of the country to be able to communicate; this is important so that the settlement of the immigrant will be easier.

At a time when employers are in urgent need of skilled workers, the processing of applicants’ Canadian work visas and work permits through Canada’s Employment Authorization, Employer-Sponsored Canadian Work Visas, is done in a fraction of the time. The time it takes for an employer to obtain this type of Canadian work visa is 6 weeks.

this kind Canadian work visa Used by employers to facilitate the entry of senior executives and executives into the country.

The work category of foreigners does not require verification, and the facilitation of Canadian work visas is easier:

  • Executives who work for the same company and transfer to a Canadian branch
  • Religious and charitable volunteers who will fill positions offered in Canada
  • Canadian exchange professor foreign educators
  • Professionals utilizing graduate and doctoral research.
  • Shoot movies and other documentaries in Canada.
  • Singer or performer under contract to perform in Canada

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