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Radley bags and handbags – how to spot a fake Radley bag

Written by Amine

Radley bags may not be as well known as other handbag designers such as Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Louis Vuitton etc…, but since the company was founded in 1998, its popularity has steadily increased every year and Radley bags are now the UK’s best selling designer handbag brand . They are also known for their Scottie dog logo.

They are based in London, UK, but their bags are also available in the US at stores like Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor. They also have websites in both the UK and the US, where they are quickly becoming popular with women who like quality and slightly unusual designer bags at a reasonable price.

Their motto is that they are dedicated to “making beautiful things that women can fall in love with”. Their handbags are known for reflecting the exceptional creativity of Radley designers who strive to ensure “original design, exceptional hand-crafting, distinctive patterns, extraordinary color schemes and unusual textures”.

Creativity is of course a very subjective term, so what does Radley mean by “creativity”? In their own words, creativity means “igniting the fire of inspiration and doing your work with passion and … being stimulated by the world outside the window as well as the world inside our head.” In their opinion, their handbags must be “works of art” and they see themselves first and foremost as artists and vision as their greatest asset.

Radley bags are also known for being colorful. In their words, color is “the essence of Radley” and they use color to “capture humor or express emotion. To express an attitude or statement. Adding character and enrichment. They bring fun to our lives and to our products.”

Their bags are always designed to emphasize originality and surprise because they prefer to “fail in originality rather than succeed in imitation”.

They also focus on making their bags affordable and are very similar to Coach in the US in this regard. They refuse to cut corners, but they are not extravagant and strive for “creativity without extravagance”. Their handbags are therefore high-quality products that won’t break the bank, which tend to be bright and colorful and feature bold details and shapes. They are made of fine colored leather and a number of other materials. Their artisans pay extreme attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

This spring’s collection is a selection of soft leather bags with creative hand-crafted details that highlight bright summer hues of yellow, pale pink and ivory, with “vibrant apple green highlights”.

The spring collection was a big hit in the fashion press, appearing in major fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle Accessories and Marie Claire.

How to spot a fake Radley bag

Unfortunately, the growing popularity of Radley bags has led to the creation of fakes and replicas.

Radley takes the problem of counterfeit bags very seriously and has taken steps to combat the counterfeiters.

For Fall/Winter 2008, they introduced a new authentication tag in the form of an LCD printed tag incorporating a form of Mirage technology. The Radley dog ​​logo changes color from light to dark when you hold it up to the light.

Radley Bags are designer handbag manufacturers that implement this form of advanced security.

All Radley bags have an aluminum dog logo on the inside with the RADLEY name embossed on it. Radley is also embossed on the leather square below.

The Scottie dog tag on Radley bags is attached to the bag so it can be easily removed. It is often difficult or impossible to remove this mark on fake Radley bags.

Radley bags have a glossy, cardboard label on the outside, there is no dog on this label.

The word “Radley” is embossed only on the dog hanging from a tag on the outside of the bag.

Radley bags are sold with a skin care kit. They also come in a drawstring dust bag.

Prices for Radley bags in the US range from $150 to $400

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