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Reasons for increasing Canadian immigration consultants in India

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In recent years, India and Canada have strengthened bilateral cooperation in education, trade, environment, investment and many other fields. Among these, education is the most transparent link between the two countries as it is known that most Indian students choose Canada for its qualifications which are respected worldwide. More than 200,000 top international students and researchers choose to study in Canada each year. In 2010, about 12,000 students applied for student visas through Canadian visa study immigration consultants. In 2013, this number doubled and is expected to rise in the coming years.

Now the question “Why Canada?” may catch your attention. However, before spending money on visas, tuition fees, and living expenses in the country, you want to know some facts about the value of an education. Here are some of the top things to know about Canada’s popularity as an international education destination:

Best and safest place to live

According to a joint survey and data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada has been ranked among the top ten places in the world to live. Its natural beauty and welcoming environment foster lifestyle and co-learning. The country’s high standard of living, cleanliness, low crime and violence rates, and high life expectancy make it the safest place for expats to live here.

multicultural society

Every year, more than 200,000 international students from all over the world apply for Canadian study visas. This number includes people from all over the world, with different cultures, languages ​​and ideas. This diversity forms a multicultural society in Canada. So not only do you gain a respected qualification, but you gain a timeless experience in this multicultural environment.

Excellent Education System

The Canadian government places great emphasis on learning and has developed a top-notch education system not only for citizens but also for international students. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is highly regarded in every business circle around the world. In addition to theoretical lectures, students are offered practical training with a strong focus on the job market. In this way, studying in Canada opens the door to long-term global work and career opportunities.

affordable education

A high standard of living and education does not mean expensive tuition and living expenses. The cost of living and studying in Canada is affordable compared to other countries.

Liberty Visa Rules

Taking advantage of the changes in Canadian immigration rules from June 1, 2014, Indian students contacted their immigration consultants in large numbers to apply for Canadian visas. Under the new rules, students can now work in Canada for two years after completing their degree, which brings a variety of career benefits to students.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of reasons why people choose to study in Canada. This growing number also justifies the growth of the immigration industry. Each university in Canada has its own admissions requirements policy. If you decide to try to figure out the whole process yourself, you can be very confused.The role is coming Canadian immigration consultant. These professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in the immigration industry. They have professional links with Canada’s leading universities, colleges and educational institutions. Additionally, they share a commitment to helping students navigate their global careers.

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