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Securing the best jobs in banking

Written by Amine

Many graduates and young workers in the UK are eager to enter the banking industry. No one can condemn this enthusiasm, because there are very lucrative positions with big banks all over the country. However, banking professionals who have been in the industry for years would attest to the highly competitive nature of today’s job market. After all, thousands of graduates compete with local and international professionals for jobs as consultants, bankers and stock traders. Graduates and those just entering the banking profession must therefore familiarize themselves with the methods best tuned to secure their dream job.

The first tool that must be used to secure a quality banking job in the UK is the CV. A resume is not just a list of experiences and accomplishments; it is a business card promoting a young professional in the world of banking. Therefore, several measures should be taken to create a quality resume for banking positions. Applicants must include a short statement of objectives at the top of their CV, which usually explains in one sentence why they are applying and outlines their professional goals in a second sentence. Descriptions of academic and professional experience should be brief to spare the hiring manager’s tired eyes. Finally, a banking professional’s resume should include references to save the potential employer time and trouble.

In addition to a resume, a person seeking a banker role should be active in networking within the industry. Conferences on banking issues, as well as open days and public events, are usually available to all banking professionals who wish to attend. In addition to practical tips and education, these events offer an opportunity to network and establish connections with major banking companies. These connections can also be critical in paving the way to a successful entry-level position in banking.

Making the right impression at an interview is key to securing a great job in banking. Young professionals often think they have to make the right noises to impress the interviewer. However, many banking professionals say they are usually looking for an honest and straightforward person with the right skills. After all, customers and clients need a real representative to handle their money. Banking professionals should dress impeccably for an interview as appearance is important to ensure the legitimacy of the candidate. In addition, banking applicants must answer each question honestly and without fear that what they say is the “wrong” answer. Ultimately, a bank is more willing to hire someone with the right talent and behavior than someone who will only give made-up answers.

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