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The highest and lowest paying jobs in Canada

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The decline in job hunting is due to discouragement among job seekers, especially young people who rarely find new jobs because older people fill up. However, as an incentive to increase the output of employees, salary, or compensation for the work they do, is very important. Below, we take a look at some of the worst and best jobs in Canada based on salary.

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As the eleventh largest economy in the world, Canada is a service-based economy, with the logging and petroleum industries being the most important industries in the country. Most of the jobs in Canada’s highest paying job categories are attributed to the country’s most important sectors. They range from engineering jobs to teaching jobs like school administrators. Here are some of the best jobs in Canada, depending on how much they pay on the job.

  1. Senior government executives; working in any government is a bonus, it usually smells like more money, better bonuses, etc, and this is no exception. Salaries above $95,000, senior government executives must have a college degree; if one is bilingual, that’s a bonus. These usually include directors, deputy ministers and managers.
  2. A petroleum engineer earning more than $92,000 is one of the highest paid jobs in Canada. Petroleum engineers work in drilling, production, and reservoir engineering, requiring an understanding of chemical systems, geological formations, and computer modelling. To qualify, a person must have an engineering degree with added skills such as technical and soft skills training.
  3. Principals and administrators, earning just over $89,000, are also among the highest-paying jobs in Canada, an occupation many shy away from. This category includes chancellors, vice-chancellors, deans and senior administrators of the university. To qualify for the job, one must have a master’s degree in education or another specialist, in addition to previous administrative positions, to name a few.
  4. Real estate and financial managers earning $79,800 a year are a force to contend with. These include real estate agents, underwriters and bond dealers, among others. With the real estate and commodities industries booming, real estate and financial managers are in high demand. To qualify, one must understand finance, have a business degree, and having an MBA helps improve one’s chances of climbing the career ladder.
  5. Lawyers in every country are making waves. With a median salary of just over $79,000, lawyers also make the list of the highest paying jobs in Canada. With disciplines as diverse as criminal, corporate, tax, pension, and estate law, lawyers are becoming some of the highest-paid business professionals in the United States and the world. Today, most law students or graduates add a specialization to their law degree to further differentiate them.
  6. To become a chemical engineer, one must have a bachelor’s degree in applied science or a degree in chemical engineering, and four years of engineering experience, among other things. With a salary of $78,000, the job is attractive in every way.
  7. An aerospace engineer earning $75,000 per year is also one of the highest paid jobs in Canada. To qualify you need an engineering degree and that’s it. To make your resume more appealing, choose a professional degree in aerospace.
  8. Oil and gas drilling supervisor salaries exceed $73,000, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. The oil and gas industry in the country is growing steadily, increasing the demand for oil and gas drilling supervisors, who oversee four to six people while operating oil rigs. To qualify for the job, work experience is first necessary.
  9. Nurses and health care managers also earn more than $73,000. To qualify for the job, one must possess a four-year nursing degree, clinic experience, and management training, which puts one in a better position. The job is becoming in-demand in Canada as the country’s older population grows.
  10. Electrical and telecommunications contractors came in last on the list, earning $72,000, the fourth-best paid job in Canada. To qualify for this position, one must be a certified electrician, have strong math skills, etc.

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Most of the jobs that made it to the worst jobs list were affected by the growing tech sector, which saw many things change across different job markets. Find out the worst jobs in Canada here.

  1. Harvesting workers, earning just under $23,000, are among the lowest paid jobs in Canada. Some people who fall into this category are fruit pickers, harvesters, and vegetable packers.
  2. Photographic and film processors, who process film, earn just under $24,000, making them among the lowest paid in Canada. Some of the job categories here include Negative Film Crop, X-Ray Developer, and Darkroom Technician, among others. Their role is increasingly rendered useless by the rise and proliferation of digital technologies.
  3. Weavers or knitters; people who knit sweaters, blankets are on the list of the lowest paid jobs in Canada. Knitters earn $29,000 and their jobs include crochet machine operators, sock knitters and textile rope makers.
  4. A plastic processing machine operator earns just under $34,000 and works as a bag machine operator, injection molding machine operator, tablet press operator and is one of the lowest paid jobs in Canada. Their work has been affected by a slowdown in the plastics industry for years.
  5. Average office clerks, who work as Braille scribes, gas meter readers and typists, earn $35,000 a year, making them among the lowest paid in Canada. However, this category does not include receptionists.
  6. Printing press operators in job types such as balloon printers, color copier operators and screen printing operators earn $37,000 a year, one of the lowest in Canada. These are also subject to technological improvements over the years.
  7. A rubber processing machine operator earns $38,000. Rubber product assemblers, foam rubber mixers, and filled product repairers all fall into this category. These are commonly employed by tire manufacturers and other rubber product manufacturing companies.
  8. Labor, wood, pulp and paper processing earn about $39,000. Sawmill bolt loaders, dry chainmen/women and thrasher feeders all fall here.
  9. Foundry workers earning $43,000 a year are also among the lowest paid in Canada. These include cast machine operators, induction furnace operators and wax molders.
  10. Last on the list is a pulp mill operator earning $56,000 a year. Bleaching boiler bidders, chemical washing operators and wood pulp lye manufacturers fall into this category and are employed by pulp and paper companies.

While wages are an important determinant of worker output and productivity, jobs also depend on several other factors, including family freedom, stress, bonuses, and vacation. Most of the best-paying jobs depend on the opposite workload of the worst-paying jobs, though some beg to differ.

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