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We Bet You Didn’t Know Fast Entry Facts About Canada

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As you may know, Express Entry Canada is an electronic platform through which Canada currently manages its immigration applications. It was launched in 2015 as a super-fast way to permanently bring in new talent to the country. Since its launch, it has invited more than 50,000 professionals from around the world and provided them with stable careers, just as Canada promised.

Express Entry Canada became an instant hit when it launched. Whether you want to immigrate to Canada or not, the term “Express Entry” is enough to make you curious about what is so special about this system? Over time, the Canadian government has revealed aspects of this new system, which helps would-be immigrants to immigrate smoothly.

While Canada’s immigration system today is as open as any book, there are still many hidden layers of fantastic information that many of us are unaware of. Taking references from authentic sources, we bring some amazing facts about Fast Track Canada that you sure didn’t know.

Many provinces are linking their programs to this system

When Express Entry (EE) was introduced in 2015, not many provinces adapted to linking their visa programs to this new system. At the time, provinces recognized Express Entry as a faster model for connecting skilled talent to provincial employers, and thus linked many of their immigration streams to it. Currently, there are nearly 15-17 provincial project streams linked to Express Entry. These streams are often opened to receive limited applications.

Language skills a favorite for Express Entry

Of the many skills you may have, Express Entry loves your language skills the most!It might sound funny, but it turns out fundus The Canadian immigration system. While the composite ranking score is used as a medium for selecting applications from the EE Pool, it has been found that language skills are often the first parameter by which applicants are judged when analyzing core human capital factors. Therefore, for this reason, Canada provides additional points for a combination of French and English language skills.

Tie Breakers are a new trend in EE systems

In recent immigration news, you may have heard about the tie draw for Express Entry. What are these tiebreakers? These are nothing more than solutions brought by CIC to capture applications with competitive CRS rankings.

For example, when you compete with other applicants with the same comprehensive ranking score, and the province you apply to has a quota limit, who will the province choose? In this case, the tiebreaker comes to the rescue. CIC conducts a tiebreaker draw and invites similarly ranked profiles based on application date. Those who apply first will be selected, not those who apply later.

This means that sometimes applying early can be the only reason you succeed in the competition, no?

Job Bank, not required when building EE profiles

While this may not be an unknown fact, it is still uncommon among many Canadian PR visa aspirants. Many people around the world, especially those who apply for their own visa, will register a working bank profile at the same time as the EOI, given that it is still mandatory. Beginning in 2017, job bank registration became a voluntary requirement of the Canadian immigration process. “We did not find many matches in Job Bank. There are some, and we want that to continue, so we allow people to go to job banks on an optional basis rather than as a required step” A senior policy analyst at IRCC on why Job Bank is now becoming voluntary among Canadian immigrants.

Fast Track Now Requires Biometrics

When you apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa, you may be asked to submit biometric information as evidence of your identity. The new rule is already in effect for nationals of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and soon, Asians and other nationals will also be required to submit their biometric information as part of Canada’s immigration process. The Government of Canada said the move was taken to facilitate application processing and simplify entry into Canada for low-risk travelers. “Visa officers will use biometrics to screen applicants and analyze their previous criminal convictions or Canadian immigration violations, if any.In addition, biometrics will be used as confirmation of travelers’ identity when entering Canadaconfirming the recent news.

Fast track is an inspiration to the nation

If you thought Express Entry was just a platform or a points-based immigration system, let us tell you it’s more than that! With the introduction of the EE system, Canada has become the first country in the world to invite technical talents with a points system. This has attracted many destinations that want to bring in skilled talents through immigration. As Canada’s separate governing entity, Quebec recently announced changes to its immigration system inspired by the EE. Likewise, the United States of America, home indeed to millions of immigrants, has high hopes for an immigration system inspired by Fast Track.

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